Chapter 1: Creation and Destruction

Back in 2014, I was just a girl out of high school with a little bit love for rocks and minerals. One day, simply out of curiosity, I decided to open up the very helpful google and do some research on my collection. I had opened up one page about Amethyst which was one of my very first stones (Blog post coming soon). My eyes widened as I read the article, learning how much power there is to such a little stone. I had never realized just how much geological meaning these crystals have, or just how much they can help improve spirituality when working in harmony with them. I became obsessed at this point and thought to myself "Wow, how can I get my hands on more?!" One question I believe all of us crystal lovers have had to ask ourselves more than once. And from there on, the first chapter of my journey began.
At that time, I was working at a famous pancake diner. Just working here and there as a hostess with the mostest. My urge to get more crystals followed me everyday I worked, pushing me to work harder to earn more money to buy some of these stones. Every week, I would buy myself a stone, giving me great joy and excitement as I awaited my orders to arrive. And I’ll never forget that feeling have having the package arrive. I always couldn’t wait to open the box and utilize the crystal in my grids and little altar I set up.
One day, while shopping for my new weekly stone, I saw a bundle package for a great deal, and I just could not believe my eyes. I just remember thinking, "Really?! All that for that price?! Yes please!" And so into my cart it went and off to my home they shipped it. Once my package arrived, I began to open it and place all the crystals on a table when my brother walked in and stated, "You really got all that for yourself? Your shelf is already so full, where are you going to put this now?"
As upset as that made me, he was right. I definitely went a little over board.
Sitting there now, with all the crystals laying across the table, I thought well, I guess I could share these with family and friends. And so I pulled up my Instagram and posted a picture of the new collection putting in my caption, "Bought too many, let me know if you’re interested!" And I slapped on a few hast tags relating to crystals when I noticed and thought, "Wow, this is getting a lot of attention, is there a niche for this?" And sure enough, I stumbled across the Instagram community I am now a part of. It was a glorious sight seeing all the pages shops. And I just remember myself thinking, " This. This is what I want to do." And so CFBeyond Blossomed.
I told my boyfriend of my idea of how I wanted to purchase large quantities and share with the rest of my community, and he was so incredibly supportive, it was unbelievable. He was my first investor and the one to help produce the name CFBeyond. I remember us sitting there in awe at my growing inventory and just saying, "To just think of all the time and work our Earth has to do to create such beautiful creations is just mind boggling." And that’s when my boyfriend turns to me and says, "Creations From Beyond. These are creations that come from beyond our wildest thoughts and dreams. That’s what the shops name should be. If you like it of course." With tears coming to my eyes all I could think was, "Wow, this is really going to happen."
And so, we opened CFBeyond with a great foundation and had a great 2 year run. Sharing crystals and art a long with other creations, CFBeyond was flourishing. But, in 2016, my life started to change. I started to feel burned out and depression began leaking into my mind. And in my head, I thought the only way I can better myself is by quitting what I had built for the past two years and taking some sort of break. And so, sadly, I started a Closing out sale and sold almost everything I had. At that moment, I couldn’t tell I was actually quitting something I loved to do. I just felt like it was what I had to do.
Unfortunately, with that closing out sale, and depression eating at my mind, I had lost all motivation for a period and even failed to ship out some of the packages purchased from the closing out sale. A lot of them I provided refunds as I just couldn’t find the motivation or even power to get up and ship it out. While a few others, those who I had formed strong bonds with, let me know it was okay, and to take my time healing and to send their package when I was ready. As much as I hated holding onto their package, I was incredibly appreciative and moved by the kindness of others that had now become friends over the past 2 years.
And so, slowly but surely, I was able to get every last package sent out. When I had gained the power to send the last few items out I had a spark of happiness remembering how it felt to send these beautiful creations to their new homes. But, I still didn’t have the full power to start back up again.
A few months go by and I began to gain motivation and happiness again. I thought to myself, "Okay, nows your chance, take this little bit of motivation and power through it, open that shop of yours again that once made you so happy. And thus, Chapter 2 of CFBeyond started.

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