Chapter 3: The Journey

Joy and excitement is all around us now! We’re starting up the right way, taking our time and growing organically. We have so much to offer you that sometimes we just can’t wait to show you, but we know now sometimes it’s worth waiting 😉
With CFBeyond re-opening, we’re visiting a new take on the appearance of our site. We’ve decided to visit the theme of a minimalist approach on intergalactic space travel. Weird, right? But for us, it’s just right.
Why minimalist approach?
Great question! As you know we’re on a journey of self discovery. That means only holding onto things in our lives that have meaning and a deep connection to us. Almost like the minimalist approach on life. We’re decluttering our life to reduce the stress of a materialistic world and diving into a spiritual and meaningful world. No more listing items in our shop that don’t connect to us on a personal or spiritual level, only items we can feel connected to and feel that it would be truly beneficial to have in our life.
Why intergalactic space travel?
My, you just have all the good questions today! Well, I have always had a love for outer space and exploration. I’ve had books and watched documentaries about space and all of it’s mysteries. I truly do hope that in my life time, we will be able to travel through space. In fact, it’s actually what I’m going to school for, Areospace Engineering. I hope to work on those rockets that will get us out there and explore what the universe has to offer. I figured, if my love for space travel is just as big as my love for running the shop, why not combine the two, to make a SUPER shop all created out of love.

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