Self Love

If you follow our stories on Instagram, you’ll see we’re running a somewhat of a daily "Self Care" series in which we list 1 simple activity to take part in. This is to help show yourself that day, that you still love and care for yourself, even though you're a busy queen/king. And it’s totally OK to not take part, it happens! It’s easy to get so busy. Trust me, I know! I took overtime the past two weeks not even thinking about my own health or everything around me, which is why I wanted to start this routine to share with you guys. So if you have a moment, check out stories out, most of our activities are only 10 min or less!
Saturday’s activity was to work out. Now I haven’t worked out in I’m not sure even how long maybe, a year at least? I know horrible! My body was SCREAMING and yelling at me Saturday asking me wtf I was doing! I just had to keep pushing and say don’t worry, it will all be worth it! Now you’re probably asking, what was it you were doing making your body scream like that? And I’ll tell ya, it’s not even anything crazy, we just went for a nice little hike! But let me tell you, my body was not happy about it at first. I forced myself to push just a bit further each time it yelled at me. "Just a little bit further, we know what’s here and it’s all worth it!"

The area we hiked was called hidden falls. If you decide to go to the first waterfall, it’s about 1 hour in roughly depending on the path you take. If you choose to go to the second, it take about 1 hr and 10 min. And lastly if you choose to go to the third one, well, I have not made it that far yet to let you know how long it takes, but it is WELL hidden! As I mentioned earlier, there’s different paths you can take being easy, medium, and difficult. My favorite is the difficult path. Not just because I like a challenge, but taking this path leads you to another secluded mini waterfall. Not very many people come across this as well, the path is marked difficult after all. The most people that pass through this area are cyclists. And they’re usually zooming too fast to be able to take a quick peak at this lovely little spot. And with this, finally getting myself to my favorite spot on the difficult path, I am reminded why I took the path that caused me so much pain in the first place. In the end, it was all worth it.


Yeah, I know, right? Breath taking. No other words for it. I just feel at peace when I reach this spot, like nothing can harm me there, I am alone with me, myself, and I, connecting to Mother Nature and all she has to offer. I’m just always reminded when taking this hike that, though the path may be difficult and you feel like giving up on the way, it will all be worth it in the end. Whether this path was your only option, you wanted a challenge, or you were curious where this would take you, there’s always a reward at the end of the hike.

So, continue your journey, fight through the difficult times and let yourself know, "This will all be worth it, just you wait and see." Because once you’ve reached the end of that path, you’ll be glad you took it. It will be so rewarding and keeping you on a path of self love and care you never even thought possible.

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