About Us

What started as a small side project, blossomed into a growing opportunity.

When we first opened as CFBeyond, things went fairly smooth. But as time progressed, and we began utilizing the world around us as backgrounds for our crystal photos, the more we fell in love with the world around us. We love to visit Bodega Bay to take our photos and videos mostly. But the more often we visited, the more reality hit us. There would be times where we find paper, plastic, and just trash littered over our favorite beaches. Even the roads on our way to Bodega were littered with trash. We were heart broken seeing the harsh reality of how our planet gets treated. At that moment, we decided, we want to make a change. Thus, De La Tierra was born.

Meaning "Of the Earth", De La Tierra Co is we're committed to making a positive impact on our earth. That's why we've implemented the option to choose who you want to donate to. Purchasing any item ensures at least 10-100% of profits of the item will be donated to the charity specified.